What is Recruitment Automation Software? 

The battle for talent has never been more fierce, your time more valuable and the world more transparent. Recruitment automation frees up time to execute on high-value tasks through automating the talent attraction and selection process. At the same time, your company secure consistency and quality in the candidate experience and assessment. Recruitment automation software uses smart designs and complex technologies like machine learning, predictive analysis and neural networks to simplify your world. In this article, I’ll go into detail on what the details of what recruitment automation is and how you can leverage these technologies.

Who can Recruitment Automation Software help?

It gives the management recruitment superpowers. As an HR Manager, Head of Recruitment or in some cases COO, you want to build a recruitment strategy. It should contain a clear strategy for what type of people you want to attract and how you’re going to attract and assess them. To learn more about this, you can download our free ebook here. Using a recruitment automation tool will allow you to make the execution of your strategy easier. It will also allow you to do faster processes and target the right people consistently. Any HR Manager in 2020 should be thinking of using recruitment automation to gain the superpowers they need to help their team win.

What is Recruitment Automation Software? It ties everything together

There are a bunch of great and not so great assessment tools out there. A recruitment automation tool will do some assessment for you, but also connect the different assessment tools you use in your recruitment process. For instance, Mojob integrates with various assessment tools and helps you automate responses based on the results in the 3rd party tools. On top of this, something called General Recruitment AI’s gather all the available data and give you a general score.

AI and Recruitment Automation

AI is becoming more and more powerful and useful for people and businesses. There’s still not many businesses that use AI in recruitment. However, there are recruitment AIs that help you attract and recruit talent. Examples of sourcing AIs are Wonderkind and Adway. At Mojob we’ve created a General Recruitment AI called Maive.ai. The AI learns what type of candidates are good fits for certain positions and gives you a prediction of how good of a fit a candidate is. The Maive AI is able to say with 90% certainty if this candidate should be moved forward in the process. It also gives you the possibility for you to automate recruitment decisions based on the overall score from Maive. There’s little doubt that AI’s are going to dominate recruitment in the future. 

Automatically schedule and execute interviews

Interviewing is still a must for recruiters, but what can you do to save time here? The answer is to add another interview round, but this interview will not take up any of your time - it’s what we call a one-way video interview. To set up a one-way interview by defining questions you want the candidate to answer with a video. This allows you to assess way more people than with regular interviews. Remember the times when you knew within the first 30 seconds that this was the wrong candidate? Well, now you can figure this out with the one-way video interview. The video interview takes up about 60 seconds of your time per candidate vs. the 1,5 hours it takes to schedule, plan and execute an interview. In addition to this, some AIs can read the video interview and use the words that are said and the body language to give you more data points on if this is the right candidate. Examples of tools with this capability are maive.ai and Hirevue. 

Internal communication and collaboration

Lastly, recruitment automation software will help you automate internal communication. You can set up automation workflows that determine when a recruiter is to be assigned to a task or see an internal note. This allows you to ensure that everything is in place for avoiding stuff to fall through the cracks. 

Curious about Mojob & Maive?

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